How to Master Twitter Algorithms?

How to Master Twitter Algorithms?

You have come to the right place if you are interested in the topic, “How to master Twitter algorithm?” Let’s read to clear your query with valuable information here!

Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with approximately 396 million users by 2022. It is still growing day by day because of its nature, consisting of witty and small tweets.

Learning how to master Twitter algorithms is easier than you might think. In this post, we will look at how the Twitter algorithm works and how you can use it to your advantage. So keep reading to see more!

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Twitter Algorithm Overview

The algorithm of Twitter is continuously evolving and improving to deliver great content for its users. It focuses on showing tweets you are most likely to like at your timeline’s top.

Twitter algorithm overview

The algorithm of this platform considers many factors, such as tweets you’ve liked, those you follow, tweet popularity, retweeted, timings, interaction frequency, or location.

The algorithm of Twitter has gone via numerous changes and adjustments since 2016. It’ll continue to go through many new modifications to create an easier and better experience for users.

How to Master Twitter Algorithms?

1/ Tweet at the Proper Time 

The right time to tweet is generally when most followers are online. 

The proper time to tweet is when most followers are online

Tweet at the right time will significantly differentiate between your tweet being ignored and your tweet being seen. 

The right time to tweet might differ for each type of tweet and each person.

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2/ Use Videos, Photos, and Gifs  

Twitter is one of the great platforms for sharing GIFs, videos, and photos.

They can make your tweets more attractive and help you stand out from the others. Here are some tips for utilizing GIFs, photos, and videos on Twitter:

  • Include a GIF, photo, or video in every tweet. 
  • Utilize the right dimensions for videos one photos. 
  • Ensure your GIFs,  photos, and videos are high quality. 

3/ Utilize Hashtags on Twitter 

Using Twitter hashtags is an excellent method to organize your tweets around one topic. So, including one hashtag in tweets will make it one link that others can press to see other tweets that have been added with that hashtag. 

It also could be an excellent way to find something relevant to your interests or follow a conversation. It is possible to utilize them to find the tweet about an event, see what users are saying about new products, or follow a topic.

4/ Get Verified 

Verification is also a way to protect the user’s identity on Twitter.

A blue verified icon next to the user name is reserved for accounts that this platform thinks are of public interest.

So if you are an actor, journalist, musician, or another famous individual, you should apply for verification.

Getting verified isn’t always effortless, but it is worth your effort.

5/ Boots Followers to Engage 

You can use Twitter as a great resource to stay up-to-date on events, share your thoughts or ideas, and connect with other users in your area.

You should be one active participant on this platform to get the most out of it. 

Here’re some engagement tips:

  • Follow other users who interest you.
  • Connect with users in your field. 
  • Follow others who tweet about the topic that interests you.

6/ Maintain a Presence On Twitter 

Maintaining an active presence on Twitter will allow you to connect with customers, share updates and news, and build relationships with others.

Here’re some tips that you can consider:

  • Share valuable and exciting content.
  • Establish a profile that reflects you or your brand.
  • Connect with potential customers.

Timeline Options On Twitter

The timeline of Twitter shows up tweets with two options:

  • Top tweets: These are the most relevant to users’ interests. They are shown up as the top ones.
  • Latest Tweets: They appear in reverse chronological order displaying the most recent one at the top of the timeline in real-time.

How Does Twitter’s Timeline Algorithm Work?

This platform's algorithm shifts almost daily or weekly

Twitter maintains testing with different ways to deliver improved versions. 

According to the product manager of Twitter, this platform’s algorithm shifts almost daily or weekly.

This platform’s timeline algorithm consists of 3 key parts, including:

1/ Ranked Tweets

They pop up at the timeline Twitter’s top, and they are not different from normal timelines posts. They follow the reverse chronological order and contain all things that are related to you.

Through research, we have discovered how the timeline algorithm of Twitter determines what to deliver on top:

  • Filtering tweets based on the interests of its user and showing them at the top.
  • Putting the recent tweet at the timeline’s top.
  • Sorting trending tweets from others.

2/ In Case You Missed It

They are tweets that don’t pop up at the timelines’ top. They are older tweets from the Twitter accounts that you regularly engage with. Those tweets are the ones you’ve missed from the last visit.

3/ The Remaining Tweet

The algorithm of Twitter will determine the highly relevant tweet and put them at the top. Then, others will show in reverse chronological order, allowing you to see followers’ essential and latest updates.

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The Bottom Line

Understanding how the Twitter content ranking algorithm works is essential for your posts to succeed. We hope this article was helpful to you!

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