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How to copy the link, save the video Facebook MP4

1. Please select the Facebook video you want to download and copy the video link.

copy link video Facebook

2. Go to VideoDownloader4K.Pro and paste the Facebook video link in the box.

paste link clip Facebook

3. Click the Download button and wait 3 seconds.

click download video Facebook

4. Choose a resolution to save Facebook videos.

save video Facebook group

Do you need a tool to save videos from Facebook? It’s best to consider this Facebook downloader due to its outstanding features. Check this post to discover!

People frequently spend too much time watching Facebook videos, which are so interesting and entertaining.

Besides, you’ll also prefer to save the content, share it with your loved ones, or even keep it for yourself.

However, it may be challenging to download your favorite videos from this platform. Luckily, you can solve this problem with this Facebook video downloader.

It’s time to scroll down this article to learn more about how this tool works.

Let’s get started!

Facebook Downloader Overview!

This downloader is a website-based tool that allows you to download your favorite videos from Facebook.

It supports users downloading videos on this platform with the best quality, such as 4K, 2K, 1080p, or full HD.

Additionally, it lets you convert videos to MP3 format versions or save audio in various qualities like 320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps, or 138kbps.

Let’s take a quick look at its salient features:

  • Support downloading high-quality videos, such as 2K, 4K, and full HD.
  • Allow converting MP4 to MP3 format.
  • Enable downloading audio to the device.
  • Save any video (public or private).
  • 100% Free
  • Work on the website browser
  • Have no installation process requirements

Features of Facebook video downloader from VideoDownloader 4K!

Have you ever wondered why this Facebook downloader is so popular? It has gained popularity thanks to its outstanding features.

Let’s keep reading to know more about the functionalities that make this tool different from others!

1/ It Comes With No Installation Required.

You can save time and effort by using this downloader instead of installing an application to download audio and videos.

Besides, downloader apps require you to install a video player to watch the saved files, especially on Android OS. Otherwise, you can’t view them.

The downloaded file also has several issues, including a poor resolution or a failure to play it via any other application.

Even if you save and watch the video, you will not be able to hear the sound.

Nonetheless, you may save a range of videos using a web-based video downloader and watch them whenever you like while offline.

There is no need to install useless apps that take up space on any device. It’s so convenient!

2/ It Is Easy To Use.

For most users, the Facebook platform has become a fantastic video resource.

Facebook additionally offers access to a massive selection of live streams and videos.

It enables you to view various content, such as vlogs, short clips, streaming video games, and documentaries.

On Facebook Watch, there are plenty of videos online. You may also view short films and photos on accounts and your favorite pages.

The usage of this downloader may be pretty helpful if you love to save any content from Facebook for offline viewing.

On Facebook, users update their experiences, which are only accessible within 24 hours.

You no longer need to worry if you’re having problems preserving videos that have been submitted to any story.

That’s because the tool offers a story download feature that enables quick storage of other users’ stories on any device.

3/ It Allows You To Watch Videos Offline.

If you have a problem with internet connectivity, it may prevent you from learning new desired skills.

Having relevant e-learning content saved on your phones or PCs is the most fantastic method to avoid issues with e-learning caused by a bad connection.

This way, you can easily watch these files anytime and anywhere. It’s incredibly convenient!

Moreover, you do not have to wait for a more stable and robust internet connection to watch your learning materials.

You may easily play such content to keep learning by opening your smartphone or desktop.

4/ It Is Compatible With All Devices.

Do you find an interesting video and want to share it with friends and family?

You can easily save this video on any device thanks to this online downloader, no matter the device’s operating system.

For this reason, you can download any video and share them with others quickly without device-compatibility issues.

All you need is to copy and paste the URL of your favorite video. Wait a few seconds, and the website will process for you.

This tool also shows you various options of High Definition and Standard Definition. You can choose one of them and get the content downloaded.

FAQs for FB downloader!

Where Can You Find Downloaded Videos?

Typically, these files are saved in the default folder. It depends on the settings you do on the browser.

Often, you can find saved files in the “Downloads” folder. If your OS is Windows 11 and you can’t locate the downloaded files, you can watch this video:


Does It Support Downloading Private Videos On Facebook?

The answer is yes! It allows you to save private content on this platform while you don’t need to perform complicated operations.

Can I Download Facebook Live Videos?

After the owner of the live video finishes streaming, you can download this video to your smartphone or PC.

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